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i liked how bran put his hand on the tree and it was like

'previously on game of thrones…..'

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which fucking fedora wearing friendzoned nerd made this thing

yeah but notice that the seal’s intent is to eat those fish and the shark offers a mutually beneficial relationship for them

in which a dudebro unintentionally makes a really accurate analogy for the reason that they’re single forever

That’s a whale shark. They’re docile and in no way threatening to people or those fish depicted. Seals, by contrast, will attack people, possibly out of a frustrated sense of entitlement combined with poor socialization skills.

Well that backfired spectacularly.

This is in every way perfect irony. It’s beautiful.

This is why science education is important.

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I had to inform a classmate the other day that Africa is a massive continent made up of different countries.

"Oh. I thought it was all one country."

Hark the sound.

Me right now.

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Good morning.


totalitarian dystopian future lit is like “what if the government got so powerful that all the bad stuff that’s already happening ALSO HAPPENED TO WHITE PEOPLE?”

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